Visiting Atlanta? Check out some of my favorite locations around the city. 

Featured on Aye, Sir! (🔵): Locations that have been featured on this site. 
Places I Frequent (⭐️): My favorite local spots that I frequent on a weekly basis. Your chances at running into me increase about threefold at these locations.
Other Recommendations (🔴): You want options? You got options! These are places I've visited that you might want to check out. 

Atlanta Comprehensive

Although I'm calling it my "comprehensive" map of Atlanta eats, the category maps below actually include more locations not listed in this one. The comprehensive map includes eateries that I recommend out-of-towners to check out during their visit. To me, it just doesn't make sense to plop every decent coffee shop on this map. And if you disagree, you can always head on over to Google Maps and type "coffee shops atlanta" into the search bar. 

Coffee + Cafes

There are many, many coffee shops and tea parlors in Atlanta that I haven't been to. These are just the ones that I have enjoyed or have gotten very strong recommendations from close friends for. Don't worry, since my move back to Atlanta in March 2015, you can count on this list to grow.

Brunch Spots

As of January 1st, 2016, if I am to recommend one location for brunch in Atlanta, my vote would go to The General Muir. However, if bagels and pastries aren't really your thing, there are several other places in Atlanta that also cook a mean brunch.

Date Night



Food with Friends