Ohayo, Sa-Ten Coffee!

When I first heard about Sa-Ten Coffee and Eats, the brainchild of partners from Kome and East Side King, I couldn't wait to go. Actually, I literally didn't wait. I immediately looked up the directions on my phone and drove directly there. Sa-Ten is located in Canopy Austin, which means it's easy to find and there is ample parking! 

I started off my morning with a cup of their house specialty, the Ohayo (Japanese for "good morning"). I know next to nothing about coffee. But for me, the Ohayo had a smooth, almost dark-chocolatey taste. It's essentially how I envisioned coffee would taste when I took my first sip of coffee as a budding teenager.

I also ordered the sriracha mayo smoked salmon toast, which I loved. The toast was warm and thick, crisp yet fluffy. It was topped with mozzarella, salmon, green onions, and sprinkled with nori. It's slightly characteristic of hot lox pizza– but not heavy! If we were to continue with the pizza comparison, I would say the thinly sliced salmon was reminiscent of pepperoni, and the nori similar to parmesan or pepper flakes. The single flaw with the toast was that it didn't come in an XL size! It was umai ("delicious").

Sa-Ten also facilitates a laid-back, urban atmosphere. There's a little kick of jazz in the background, and lots of natural lighting make it a lovely place to sit and work or chat with friends. There's plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors, so there's little worry about fighting over tables... for now. 

Edit: For the month of October 2014, if you bring BOTH your Sa-Ten and your Darum receipts to Kome, they'll take 15% off your order.