Light lunch hour? Get ramen at Kome.

I love ramen. And I'm almost always in the mood for it. Kome Sushi Kitchen, while known for its exemplary sushi, serves its acclaimed ramen only during lunch hours. Kome, located on Airport Blvd and 51st, isn't the closest to work, so we haven't had many chances to visit during our short lunch break. After months of saying "we'll do it", we finally made it down to Kome. 

I ordered the tonkotsu ramen and found the broth flavorful and creamy, but on the lighter side. Ramen Tatsuya is another favorite ramen shop of mine, but I prefer Kome's broth. I've had the tonkotsu ramen at both joints and personally prefer Kome. I feel that Ramen Tatsuya's broth is a little heavier and saltier (and some prefer it that way!). Kome's tonkotsu ramen has generous amounts of toppings– red ginger, seaweed, corn, bamboo shoots, negi, and spinach. While there were a lot of vegetables, I enjoyed mixing up each spoonful with different ingredients so each bite was an adventure. As hard as it was to get out of the office, it was most certainly worth it. I can't wait to go back and try their sushi!

(P.S.  If you do find yourself at Ramen Tatsuya, order the Chasu bowl! Heavenly soft pork belly over rice.)