Three Asians at a Mexican restaurant

When my friend Amanda asked if I wanted to go to Fonda San Miguel with her and another friend, I said "heck yeah!" I've been to Fonda San Miguel twice now since moving to Austin, and I have not been let down yet. Always, the atmosphere and general ambiance is casual and inviting. Occasionally, the decor makes me feel like I'm in a flashback to the 80s. Per usual, the staff is friendly and so are the surrounding diners.

We ordered the ceviche las brisas to start and I have to say it was wonderful. If you aren't sure what to get for an appetizer, don't hesitate to get this one. It's tangy, meaty, and refreshing. We all raved about how we could've eaten it all night.


All three of us ordered the enchiladas de pato as our main entree. There was light talk about getting different dishes to keep it diverse. But in the end, we all ordered the duck enchiladas because none of us wanted to share!!! (This was also a benefit to me as my lovely friends did not have to sit starving as I snapped away at my camera). The dishes looked somewhat small, but they were very filling. The sauce is rich and the shredded duck is moist. There is also a mild kick of spiciness that you may or may not notice depending on your sensitivity to spices.

As a sidenote, during my first visit to Fonda San Miguel, I ordered the cochinita pibil as my main entree. Between the two, I would say I preferred the cochinita more because of the heartier taste of pork baked in a giant banana leaf with onions.


Now, dessert is something we all take very seriously. We ordered both the coffee toffee San Miguel and the tres leches. The coffee toffee is shaped like a piece of pie and tastes closer to chocolate ice cream cake. It was definitely more rigid than the consistency of ice cream, but tasted just as creamy. The taste as great, but definitely not without a little bit of effort. Be prepared to block pieces from flying off the plate if you cut into it with minimal tact like I did.


The tres leches was probably my favorite between the two. It is very different in terms of texture and consistency from the coffee toffee and is instead soft and moist. Overall, I found it a good balance of fruity, milky, and light. And it's not too sweet. For some, that might be a negative, but for me, it was just right!