Pinkish Detours

So the oddest thing happened... the original post of "Pinkish Detours" was somehow deleted. I ain't even mad– just really surprised. I think it was lost in the midst of my updating the website layout. I definitely learned my lesson to have local backups of my posts in case that does happen again. The post below is as much as I can remember from the original post. Apologies in advanced.

I can't believe I've been living in Austin for over a year and this was my first visit to the State Capitol. Honestly, it was by chance that I happened to stop by! I was headed home after my monthly visit to UAL on South Congress when I saw the breathtakingly, pinkish structure from afar and decided "what the heck" and continued driving toward it. Luckily, as I approached the massive building, a car pulled out of a prime parking spot located across the street from the entrance. I knew it was meant to be.

The interior of the State Capitol is just as impressive as the outside. The rotunda spans four stories from the ground floor to the base of the dome. The decor is comprised of intricate details and gold linings. 

Coincidentally, I was wearing pink slacks that nearly perfectly matched the exterior of the building. As someone who tends to cling to dark and neutral colors, I really feel that muted pastels are making a comeback in the next couple of seasons. They make great transitional pieces from summer to fall to winter, back into spring. Muted pastels also are an easy way to soften up a look. They are indubitably a new obsession of mine. Don't be surprised if you see other tinted pastels in upcoming posts as well. :)


Amadi top // Gap slacks // Furla D-Light Leather Tote // Gorjana necklaces // Vince Nina flat in Pewter