Street to Gym: The blurring lines of activewear and streetwear

This past week I was not feeling well, but thankfully I am well again this week. I may or may not be a bit MIA this week in preparation of reuniting with the hubby next week. Cheers to good love and health! Thanks for reading!

Not only is it comfortable, but there's something slightly badass about wearing stylish street clothes that say "I work out." I personally do work out. But whether you actually work out or not, activewear is becoming a norm for lifestyle and street attire. There's just something about looking chic, yet being irrefutably comfy that allows us to transcend those 8 hours sitting in the cube or being on your feet all day. Strict dress code guidelines in the workplace? Switch out the leggings for some stretchy slacks and put a blazer on it.

This is not a new trend, but a growing adoption due to our evolving lifestyle choices. Juicy Couture might have revolutionized track suit wear from the early 2000s, but how many of us actually would wear that track suit to the gym? Not me, anyway. Yoga, pilates, zumba, and crossfit are just a few of the ever-growing fitness choices in the millennial female demographic. I rock climb recreationally and am always on the lookout for pieces that can double duty.

Here are a few brands that come to mind when I think of the blurring lines between activewear and lifestyle apparel:

Adidas by Stella McCartney
Alexander Wang x H&M
American Apparel 

Have you also doubled up loungewear or activewear for street/work attire (or vice versa)? What are your favorite brands for making the crossover? Let me know in the comments!


Cheap Monday Shamika tank // Top Secret Society Material Girl Bralette (runs small) // LOFT stretchy slacks // Vintage leather blazer in burgundy