Serenity at St. Edwards Park

It was on my way to Chen's Noodle House via Spicewood Springs that I noticed several cars pulled over at the side of the road. Putting my growling stomach first, I made a mental note to come back and check out the greenery at a later hour. I'm very happy I did.

St. Edwards is a sizeable park of 80 acres located off of Spicewood Springs between Bull Creek Ranch and Clay's Crossing. There are multiple locations for parking; the most notable parking being the large gravel lot with the St. Edwards Park sign. There are multiple trails running next towards Bull Creek that take you down different scenic views. I followed the yellow and orange trails and eventually found myself upon this little pebble beach where the setting sun barely peeked over the rock walls and canopy of trees.

This little green paradise has small fish swimming against the rock, and salamanders scurrying at the sound of footsteps. I knew people had been here before because of the rows of neatly stacked rock columns. Even with the wind rustling the trees and the occasional splashes of pebbles tumbling into the creek, there was a bout of stillness. This is place of serenity, not solitude. 

Sam & Lavi Paola Chambray // Susana Monaco side drape dress // Sanuk Trippy Toes