The other side of Austin, softly rolling hills.

This morning I was driving down Loop 360 looking for a gas station, when I saw a detour for a scenic overlook. I'd vaguely remembered seeing this overlook when my last SuperShuttle driver was taking me home from the airport. He had commented on the beautiful landscape surrounding 360 and pointed out several landmarks. With 60 miles left in the tank, I thought "what the heck" and pulled the car over for some quick snapshots. Generally speaking, there wasn't really any sun, since much-needed rain clouds are looming over the city for the next week. Even so, I was able to capture a few nice shots in the gloomy overcast that is currently Austin. 

The one thing to note is along the 360 North, there are walls of rock cliffs billowing next to the highway. The hill country starts in the south and just runs up the entire west side of the city. It's the softer and more serene personality to Austin, compared to the hip quirkiness that is downtown. 


Despite the light drizzle and the ominous weather, it was a beautiful stop on the side of the road. And in case you were wondering, I did find a gas station about 2 miles out from this location. 

J.Crew red dress // Banana Republic tee // Kelsi Dagger wedges