Foreign & Domestic: Good food is not a foreign concept.

My experience at Foreign and Domestic has been far from forgettable. From the delicious food to the lady at the neighboring table who was (not literally) juggling forks, FND will be on my radar for some time to come. 

We arrived at Foreign and Domestic around 7:45pm. The wait isn't the shortest. We waited about an hour, but good conversation easily held us over. Part of the issue with the wait was our own decision to give up seating at the bar and opt for a table instead. Luckily, once we were seated, we were placed at a corner table with easy access in viewing the chefs' preparations .

Our waitress was pleasant and thoughtful. She asked about our food allergies and if we had any dietary restrictions. I always appreciate it when they ask you upfront. As we were seated quite late, they were unfortunately out of their famous popovers and chicken biscuits. I cried a little on the inside, but was quickly over it. :)

I started off the night by ordering The Cyclist, a ginger beer cocktail. I'm a fan of most things with ginger beer and lemon. As we were waiting, the kitchen sent two appetizers to our table: the salad of field peas, charred beans, and lambs quarters; and the corn and potato soup with charred tomatoes and aleppo. Both were delicious.

The salad surprised me since this was the first pea and bean-based salad that I've had. Was it a light horseradish mustard glazed with olive oil? I think the texture of the beans really helped distribute the multiple flavors. You will not feel guilty eating this salad and you will not be hungry after eating it!!


The corn and potato soup was also a delighter. Served at approximately room temperature, it was creamy and smooth. I actually am not a big fan of bacon (albeit living in Texas), but I think it added a nice, salty kick. I would have happily gulped down the whole cup if not for the fact that I was splitting it with two other ladies at my table.


My main entree was the Salt & Time Butcher Shop Pork Belly. The portion was a little smaller than I expected, but then again... my eyes are often quite bigger than my stomach. I love how the chopped vegetables complemented the pork, which was both juicy and tender. As someone who sometimes cringes at the texture of fat, this was a true testament to how well FND flavored and slow cooked it. I also got a small tasting of the steak and fish entrees. The steak was excellent; solid pink on the inside and juicy. The fish was light, but perfectly crispy on the outside. Even so, I personally favored my pork belly dish and was hesitant to share any at all!


Yes, the food is great. However, we had expectations that it would be so when we chose to come to here. The greatest part of my experience was the incredible service by our waitress. She was so thoughtful and courteous, and she handled the flying forks situation next to us with such grace. Thanks to her, I will without hesitation be returning at an earlier hour to claim a popover and chicken biscuit sandwich.