No duck puns here. Just one really great dish.

I'm a little reluctant to write this post because during my visit to Odd Duck, I only ordered one dish for dinner. The key detail here is that Odd Duck focuses on serving small dishes. Point of fact, I essentially only consumed a sample of a meal. I must defend myself first and say the reason for that isn't because of Odd Duck. It was the fact that I ate a single La Barbecue beef rib for lunch before coming here. And that beef rib was the size of a Flintstone-sized dinosaur bone. But I digress.

The only thing you need to take away from this post regarding Odd Duck is that their soft-cooked duck egg dish is nothing short of amazing. It's worth writing about. We can chat about the modern decor, the fun and quirky service on staff that night, or the laid back atmosphere. But really, this dish was hands-down the highlight of my night and I didn't leave hungry.

Fried rice, oyster mushrooms, shiitake, pickled zucchini and squash, nuts, and spices. Whisk the spiced egg yolk with the other ingredients; this dish is to die for. The fried rice is nutty with good texture and crunch, while the shiitake and vegetables complement with a light, juicy taste. It is of light aromatic spiciness and 100% eggy consistency. The contrasting tastes really helped each of the ingredients shine through this complex, yet simple meal. 

If I haven't made my point clear enough yet. Here it is again. This dish alone is worth visiting Odd Duck for. Most importantly, make sure you make the visit for the duck egg before the menu changes!!