Bold and boulder.

I have been an avid boulderer for nearly 6 years now, so doing a shoot with rocks has always been (and will continue to be) on my list of to-dos. Being outdoors with rock walls and towering boulders is a comfortable landscape for me and a place where I can easily escape into my own thoughts. 

When climbing, I tend to pick durable, form-fitting pieces that won't rip or snag on rock. Such is not the case when I hike or take contemplative long walks. In choosing this shoot's outfit, I prefer contradictions against a natural backdrop. Rocks and trees are tough and sturdy. Light,  loose, and or flowing pieces provide that opposing perspective. The same with a solid pop of color.

It's important to not overdo the idea of "contradictions" though. For instance, I would probably never wear business attire with stilettos at a crag or boulder field. Or an evening gown. I mean, I could. But, it doesn't make sense for the occasion or the location. It's about finding that proper balance between color palettes and structure of both the outfit and landscape.

 When done right– and I am still figuring it out– you can feel rest assured. It feels natural, yet bold.


Groceries tank // Just Female Tao Long Shorts // Furla D-Light Leather Tote // Nine West Wedge Pumps