NYFW: Spectator on the couch

Being a fashion week isn't really an option when you're a white-collared worker in the enterprise software industry. While Fashion Week is in full swing, I'm sitting in team meetings or putting together design specs until 5pm rolls around. Just like bloggers are at Fashion Week for their jobs; I have obligations working as a software designer!

Thankfully there's the Internet. While I have thought about streaming during work (which would be alot easier if I didn't sit in an open studio), it's been hard to actually do this with my boss sitting directly behind me. I have been able to sneak several peeks now and then between breaks, but catching up on Fashion Week isn't exactly accessible to me during daylight hours.

What I do have are early mornings, late evenings, and access to The Internet (a most glorious invention)! Here are the top 3 reasons why I'm still excited to experience Spring 2015 from the comfort of my living room couch:

1) Internet coverage of street fashion

This is the time of the year where publishers gather. Imagine all of the inspiration we feel when we read into their lifes. It's this, multiplied by thousands. Twitter, tumblr, and bloglovin streams with innumerous uploads NYFW street fashion and OOTDs help me hardly miss a beat.

2) Clear views of the stage

Auditorium-style seating has never suited me. Even in seated concerts, I find myself struggling to see over the people in front of me, nevermind trying to take pictures of the 200 other cameras in front, doing the same thing. Live streaming means professional camerawork is in play. Not only do you get the coveted runway-end view, but you get side and aerial views as well. The main con is that streaming quality is highly dependent on your internet speeds. For me, streaming at home is best on mobile; at work, streaming is best on laptop.

Screenshot taken from live stream of Monique Lhuillier.

Screenshot taken from live stream of Monique Lhuillier.

3) Rebroadcasts

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week not only streams each of the shows live, but it also does a series of rebroadcasts in case you've missed anything. As long as there's not a scheduled show, there will likely be a rebroadcast on! Anytime a rebroadcast is on, it will be indicated in the bottom right corner of the video frame.

Screenshot taken from rebroadcast of the Carmen Marc Valvo..

Screenshot taken from rebroadcast of the Carmen Marc Valvo..

Of course part of the exhilaration of Fashion Week is actually being there witnessing the whirlwind of fashion and tweeting about events and outfits as they occur. But for those of us who don't have that luxury, rebroadcasts are an amazing thing!

With the ever-expansive technology in the world today, remote participation is becoming more of a norm. Are you also watching NYFW from home? How has it been working for you? What are your loves and hates about tuning in via the digital world?