Sunday Brunch at Folk Art

We Atlantans take our brunches very seriously. Is there a better way to showcase southern hospitality in forms other than fried chicken on a Sunday morning? If you're in the Southeast, the answer is likely no. Folk Art Restaurant located in Inman Park is no exception to this either. Even before you walk in the doors, you'll be greeted with long lines of Atlantans all inhaling the same hunger-provoking aroma of fried batter. And as daunting as that line looked for us, 40 minute was a small price to pay for the peanut butter pancakes of my dreams.

The hardest part of waiting was watching other parties scarf down their own sweet potato beignets and sigh in satisfaction. Jealousy is a real emotion, folks. Once we were seated, we barely hesitated to put in our full order. We ordered appetizers of sweet potato beignets and the I Dream of Weenie (pigs in a blanket). For our main dishes, we picked the Foul Play (chicken and waffles) and the peanut butter and banana pancakes. I also ordered my usual glass of brunching grapefruit juice.

The pigs in a blanket were simple, but still very enjoyable. The accompanying side sauce of mustard mayo was key, so each of my little pigs got a saucy bath before being eaten. The sweet potato beignets reminded me more of donut holes than New Orleans-styled pillowy beignets. Each bite was a sugary, powdery delight. 

Jonathan's peanut butter banana pancakes came out significantly larger than we expected. Honestly, we were blown away with the creamy taste of decadence. Each bite was fluffy pancake oozing with peanut butter and chunks of banana. We were ambitious, but we ended up only finishing 1 out of 3 of the pancakes. Friends, that is true value right there... three breakfasts for the price of one.

My chicken and waffles were no joke either— one crispy fried chicken sat atop whiskey peach compote and a giant sweet potato waffle. Although the flavors definitely stood on their own, I still drizzled maple syrup over it to moisten the texture of the waffle. The only crime with the Foul Play was that I, too, could not finish my full plate. 

If the verdict still seems unclear at this point, Folk Art is a definite recommend for brunch if 30-50 minute waits don't deter you. And for those that don't enjoy brunch or waiting, there's always the early weeknight dinner time slot. They do grill quite a mean burger.


Have you been to Folk Art before? What did you order and how was your experience there? What are your favorite brunch foods? Let me know in the comments! 

Folk Art - Foul Play (chicken and waffles) and Peanut Butter & Banana Pancakes

Folk Art - Sweet Potato Beignets and the I Dream of Weenie (pigs in a blanket)

Folk Art - Foul Play (chicken and waffles)

Folk Art - Peanut Butter & Banana Pancakes


Folk Art
465 N Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 537-4493